If tried to explain my “style” in one word, I couldn’t. Could you?

I think that’s what is amazing about clothes, each day you get to choose what look your going for. (Even if it’s one of those days where you don’t want to choose so you just wear baggy sweats & a old t-shirt, we all have those days too;)

That’s one unique thing about my collection, it’s a reflection of me. Yes, the trends will come and go like they do with a lot of stores. But what I’m offering you is what I’m looking for myself or have going on in my own life. Whether I’m more focused on festival styles, comfy pieces, outfits for going out, ect. The styles change as i change. My statement “I’m creating my dream wardrobe & sharing it with you” is a line I came up with before my business started, but as its growing you can see that statement happening within my collection. I think that’s what’s cool about a small business. It’s so personal!

Thanks for reading today’s little post! Have a fab week! I’ll end this with the qoute below, because I think it’s so true! image

Xx Reed


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