My Guide to Packing

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This post will focus on My Guide to Packing, in this case I’m specifically packing for a 2 night cold weather destination trip that I have coming up! 

I’m not sure if this “guide” is going to be more helpful to you, or me. Since I need to  pack for myself right now, that’s what inspired me to do this topic! Apparently I enjoy writing about what I should be doing, more then actually doing it. (Take note: Do as I say, not as I do) I find it funny I’m making this “guide” because those of you who know me know im such a procrastinator when it comes to packing! I always visualize in my head what i want to wear and I’m a planner in that sense but when it comes to actually packing it…EHH! I do enjoy packing the stuff I’m going to tell you about…but all the toiletries, basics, etc. Not so much! That’s why instead of making a long boring list every single thing you & I should pack…I’m  just going to pin point on the MUST pieces (in my opinion) if you want to be a fashionista without TOTALLY over packing;) Obviously you’ll have to adjust depending on where your traveling too but this is what I will be throwing (notice how I said throwing, not nicely folding;) in my suitcase!


  • Fur Or Leather Jacket (Take Note: I like wearing it through the airport because it’s comfy & that way it won’t take up your entire suitcase)
  • Cute Pjs
  • 1 Pair High Waisted Jeans 
  • 1 Pair of Leather or Velvet Leggings (Take Note: Wear these while your being touristy so your comfy but still cute)
  • Sneakers 
  • Heeled Booties
  • Slouchy Sweater Or 2
  • 1 Dress (Take Note: bring one fancier outfit for dinner just because!)
  • Travel size Orbie dry shampoo (Take Note: I’m a hairstylist so I had to throw this in the guide!)
  • Versatile accessories (Take Note: If your traveling with someone check to see what they are bringing so you can trade with each other and not have to pack it all. This goes for scarfs, hats, necklaces)
  • Blanket scarf (I’m just adding this while I’m sitting here at the airport, I put it in my carry on to use as a blanket on the plane but also a scarf once we get there! Takes up way less room!)


PS. Below I featured a few styles from my collection that I will be bringing along:) My next post will recap on where I traveled too and what I did, check back!

Xx reed

Chic Jogger

Winter Wonderland Shorts

In Your Dreams Cardi

Haute Cocoa Romper


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