First POP-UP Shop!

I’m pretty convinced that playing “store” and “cashier” when I was a kid, with my sisters and long time bff Carly TOTALLY prepped me for this past Sunday;) 

On Sunday, I hosted my FIRST EVER REAL LIFE shopping event. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I mean I definitely have a thing for party/event planning, I already have a online boutique, so I saw that as a opportunity & thought “WHY NOT HAVE A POP UP SHOP?!” When I set my mind to something I kind of just run with it. I picked a venue & a date only one and a half weeks out. That meant crunch time for throwing this all together. (Thank goodness for my family keeping up with me and my ideas and being the BEST! I couldn’t have done it with without them! Maybe I should start calling this Reed Marie + Family & Collection) LOL.

As for the actual event, I showcased new “never before seen” styles for my guests to get first dibs on, as well as a special sale on other styles! I did 2 giveaways which included a RM&C coffee mug & gift card! There was a simple but adorable snack bar drapped in fairy lights with with izzes, popcorn and other bites! I think that just added to the ambiance! My mom also found Miss Saras Cakery, which made logo cookies to give as a sweet treat to take home with each purchase! The Glow Lounge, was the perfect venue as it’s chic yet rustic. The wood floors, white walls, faux fireplace, & chandeliers were the perfect backdrop for my collection. To me, it’s all the little details that matter. If you attended this event, THANK YOU for being apart of it! If you didn’t, and would like be to part of the next one, subscribe to my newsletter to get the IN on things like this & MORE! I had the best time & I’m hoping to make this happen again at the end of spring, to summer-ize your wardrobes!

 Xx reed


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