Travel Diary ll

I’m currently sitting on the flight home from a week long girls trip to the charming & romantic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I’ve traveled to Cancun & Playa Del Carmen in the past which I loved! However, I have to say this part of Mexico is much different! If you have been, you know what I mean. We skipped the all inclusive hotel package as we wanted more of a cultural element on this trip. Most days consisted of relaxing by the pool or beach, eating too much chips & gauc, walking into town, going out to late dinners, & lots of tropical drinks of course! Whenever we asked what the speciality drinks were at restaurants, EVERY SINGLE waiter said “We make the best margaritas” LOL so I quickly became a fan of those which I used to not like. But I also had some really yummy mojitos and Pina coladas!

{Here I’m going to share a few of my favorite experiences.}

First being the beautiful hotel and restaurant Hacienda San Angel. The girls and I decided to do dinner at sunset on the rooftop here! We saw online that it looked cute and offered a delicious selection of food. We were more then impressed when we were greeted at the front door of this boutique style venue on a cobble stone street, tucked up into the mountains. We were escorted through the open air lobby, filled with plants, fountains, lit candles, vintage chandeliers, rose petals floating in the pools, & bohemian style decor. The food, drinks and service were top notch. And the mariachiĀ band added a fun piece of entertainment. The photos we took don’t even do this place justice! Hacienda San Angel is definitely on my list to return too, this would be the absolute perfect venue for another girls or even couples trip! I would need to stay overnight at the hotel so I have more time to experience it! This is what I call a hidden gem~

Next, mid trip we decided to venture out for the day with no set plans! We ended up taking a longer taxi ride winding around the mountains to the small town of Boca. This was where we got on a somewhat sketchy “water taxi”. We took a short ride and decided to get off at the first small beach. This ended up being the best decision ever, especially with not having any plans going into the day. This beach also had a beautiful “tree house” restaurant, as well as a few open air villas you could rent! We were the only people here other then a few small groups of hikers that came through and stopped to hydrate. It felt like our own private Oasis! I’ve never been to a place like this before. After our yummy lunch and drinks we layed out and decided it was so amazing we wanted to stay for the rest of the day and dinner as well! The staff took such good care of us. We took afternoon naps on the day beds and hammocks in the shade, cooled off in the ocean, & toured the beautiful property trying to take it all in! This is what I call paradise~


{Fun facts}

~I tried fresh oysters for the first time…not sure how I feel about them! Lol

~I also tried snorkeling off a boat for the first time in a long time, which I thought I would be to scared to do! I did get my flippers on and jumped into to water but ended up being to nervous to actually put on my goggles to see what was under me. Lol

~ I’ve also never had so many massages in a week! One day, guys came around offering free neck massages at the pool! Another day a got a foot massage by a lady on the beach! And another day I got a full body massage at the hotel spa! No complaints herešŸ’šŸ½

I love blogging in a diary style about vacations because it’s a way to look back and reflect as well as share experiences and recommendations! Thanks so much for reading~ Stay tuned for what’s next!

xx reed

ps. A lot of styles from my collection were worn throughout our vacation. New styles also coming soon, so be ready to shop!


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