Travel Diary lll

This travel diary is really just all my most recent getaways, tied into one. Let’s call this one the Summer 17 edition 😉 My “Travel Diaries” have nothing to do with my boutique really but that’s something that helps keep my small biz personal.

First, My mom and I went to California for a couples days! I’m so glad she could come with me! We checked into a boutique hotel in Beverly Hills. It was a hidden gem, literally…our uber driver wasn’t sure if he should actually drop us here bc he didn’t even think it was a hotel! But it was so cutely decorated inside & had amazing service. Not to mention they offer a glass of champagne when you first arrive. Whoop whoop! Over the next couple days there we relaxed by the pool….in jeans & sweaters…who knew cali would be colder then MN in the middle of May?! We also walked Rodeo drive, got Jimmy Kimmel tickets (but were too late so we didn’t see the show lol), went to Santa Monica pier & on our last day had brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel! (This is a little off topic, but the famous retro palm print that’s all over this hotel inspired my new apartment decor!) Cali was definitely a trip for the books.

Next, I also did a 2 road trips this summer that happened to fall on the same week. This meant A LOT of time in the car in a very short amount of time. I never used to think I like long car rides but now I’m like coming up with a list of a bunch of places I want to road trip too lol! First I drove to Lincoln, NE with my BFF Kristyn to visit our BFF Carly! We drove 14 hours total to spend less then 24 hours there but it was so worth it! We had a girls night & then went to a charming resturant for brunch, toured Carly’s s new work place & UNL before heading out. Then we drove back to Minneapolis & 24 hours later I was on the road again with my BFF Amanda to go to Madison! The highlight of going to Madison was defiantly going to Peter’s (from The Bachelorette) HIIT class. I also learned something about myself…I’m a lot faster & stronger when there’s someone as attrative as Peter in the same room😍. No I didn’t get a picture with him bc I was to nervous to ask, & yes now I’m totally regretting it.

The last trip of my summer was to Phoenix, AZ. My little sister was moving into college, so I came the day after she got there to surprise her! I’ve never been so AZ before but I feel like I’ll be there a lot over the next 4 years😉The weather was over 100 degrees everyday so if we weren’t in the pool, we were in the air conditioning! Lol I was back home from AZ for less then 2 days and I already booked a flight to go back at the end of September!

Summer in Minnesota feels like a vacation in itself, but I am very grateful to add to my travel diaries with these new experiences. Always say YES to adventures.

Xx Reed



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