Shop For A Cause!

Thanks for taking the time to see what, why and how you can help Shop for a Cause.

What: I have been thinking about donating a percent of my sales to a cause for a couple months. With the holidays getting closer, this is big time for shopping. As an online boutique owner I knew that if I wanted to give, this would be the best time of year to do it. I chose to donate 15% of my sales from December 1st-25th to a foundation that means a lot to me. The Mayo Clinic Melanoma Foundation.

Why: The reason i chose this foundation is to honor one of my best friends Rachel Ulrich. Rachel is a shining example of a strong, loving & hopeful girl. Rachel battled stage 4 Melanoma for over 2 years through out high school. We lost Rachel in April of 2012. Her case was used to create a new drug for Melanoma patients through Mayo Clinic Melanoma foundation. This foundation gave Rachel more months then was ever thought possible and continues to help find a cure for other Melanoma patients!

You can help support this foundation by shopping from my collection. Whether you treat yourself to something, or if you’re shopping for gifts for your Sister, Bff, Daughter or Girlfriend… 15% of all your purchases will be going to the Mayo Clinic Melanoma Foundation. This is the season of giving, why not Shop for a Cause. Please feel free to email me at with any questions at Thanks!

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GETAWAY with rmc


A Reed Marie & Collection girl is boho yet classy, strong yet sweet, and a trendsetter yet humble. I couldn’t think of a better way to show what my company stands for then planning a girls getaway to California with a group of girls that all stand for those things. I had a vision & can’t believe I was able to make it all come to life! Here’s a recap…


The GETAWAY collection is a series of clothing and swimwear within my collection. It was picked exclusively for warm weather destinations. I love to travel, especially to tropical places. If you’re anything like me, a vacation calls for shopping and packing new, cool, unique pieces! Sometimes as fall and winter roll around, malls & other stores don’t offer this type of clothing, as its “out of season”! If you live in Minnesota then you really know what I’m talking about! This is what inspired me to plan a trip for the launch of my GETAWAY collection. I needed a destination that was beautiful & inspiring so I decided on Palm Desert, CA. I wanted this trip feel a little like a retreat for all the girls coming. Each was gifted a “getaway bag” which had a tshirt, a coffee mug, & a body scrub/moisturizer! (I really like planning events & giving away gifts if you haven’t noticed;) To celebrate girls, travel, fashion and relaxation the GETAWAY included a lot of sunshine, poolside lounging, tropical drinks & hiking. Although I’m back to reality after last weekend! I’m very inspired and can’t wait for what’s next!

Ps. Shout out to The Glow Lounge for making us all glow for the trip! Be sure to get your airbrush tan there & pack something from my collection for your next getaway;)

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My take on NYFW ’16

No….I did not attend this years New York Fashion Week! But it is on my list of To-dos 🙏  Plus I stay tuned on the latest through my favorite Instagram fashion influencers!!!

Theres always some ridiculous trends and some amazing ones!!! Here’s a quick list of my favorite looks for this year!

  • Statement faux fur
  • Camel & Khaki & Tan colors
  • Bomber jackets 
  • Off the shoulder (suprise suprise;)
  • Turtle necks under dresses
  • Choker necklaces 

Be sure to stay tuned on my collection as you may be seeing some inspiration from these trends throughout reed marie & collection this Fall!!!

Thanks for reading!

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This season, The Slip Dress!

Long time no see…its been a while since my last post! But I’m BACKKK & so glad your reading! (Lol) I hope you had an amazing rest of summer💕

Anyways as we transition into fall…(Ahh I hate saying that) one of my favorite looks this season is a slip dress! There’s so many ways to wear it!!! Belt it, throw a faux fur jacket over, put a tshirt under. Wear for a night out…or a night in;)

{This slip dress that Kristyn Thierry is wearing is available in my collection} SHOP LINK

She’s A Dime Slip


{Heres a few slip dress looks on the Kardashians}

image image image

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reed marie & collection

Hey you;)

I would love to share some “deets” on my new online clothing boutique, reed marie & collection!!!! I don’t want to spoil all the fun but here’s a low down! It’s going to be a collection of my favorite styles that I’ve hand chosen to share with you! My go-to look is effortless eleganceBut depending on the day I also love me some chic, boho, or classic styles as well and this collection will represent all of that! Fashion and beauty is in my blood and it all came long before opening my new online boutique. I’m so excited to have you along for the journey, so a little extra thing I’m doing for all my shoppers is writing a personalized note with a styling or beauty tip to be sent along with your order:)

For more sneak peeks please follow… @reedmarieandcollection on Instagram!!! The website is COMING SOON and I can’t wait to have you shop!

Ps. If you have any questions, please post below and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability!

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Launch Party!!!

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on a secret project and planning a surprise party!!! Finally on Thursday my vision came to life!!! My girlfriends all thought they were coming to a typical girls night! What they didn’t know was that I was announcing the launch of my new online clothing boutique, reed marie & collection!!!!! 

The night included, a beautiful roof top terrace in uptown, a boho photo booth, a braid bar, a DIY dream catcher station, Mediterranean appetizers, lots of wine, my  gorgeous friends, and amazing family! My vision for the party was dreamy, whimsical, bohemian, and festival like! I wanted every guest to feel special and thank them for coming to celebrate with me! So of course we did 3 grand”Giveaway” prizes (one of which included a dress from my collection;) YAY! Everyone else got to take home a mini bag of girlies things which included a certificate for lashes, a certificate for a custom airbrush tan at Glow Lounge, and the dream catcher that each guest made themselves! Check out photos below!! {More details coming soon about reed marie & collection!}

  • image9image10image15image14 (1)image12

My warm weather go-to

It’s June 1st already people!! Certain times of the year call for certain products! For me, summer means beachy hair, tan skin, and less is more when it comes to just about everything;) Lets talk about my warm weather go-to for hair, skin, and make up! 

Hair: A must for me is a salt or texture spray! Something to enhance your beach waves! I spray it on towel dryed hair, and let it work its magic! I also use it as a refresher on days I don’t wash!

{Photo: KM Hair Resort Spray}

Skin: Oil is my favorite! I prefer it over lotion, although I should use both! Putting it on your skin right after the shower helps to seal in any moisture! Not to mention, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow!

{Photo: Neutrogena body oil}

Make-up: Minimalist minimalist minimalist! I have 2 things. Tinted moisturizer with SPF and bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer! I like a fresh face for summer, and these products just enhance that!

{Photo: Bobbi Brown Tinted Mosturizer & Shimmer Brick}

Thats all for now, follow my blog via email to see what else I’m up too!!!

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The mermaid hair your dreaming of..

image24 image25

{Left photo Reeds hair, done by Leigh & Paisley} {Right photo Leighs hair, done by Reed}

That’s right. I’m talking about hair extensions. Lets start with a little background. I have been certified with a “tape in” company for almost 2 years now. However I’m recently certified through the salon I work at, and now able to do them on clients!!:) yay! I’m also currently wearing “tape in” extensions, because I too wanted that mermaid hair for a vacation. I have had them in 4 weeks now, and plan to keep them in for another 2 weeks.

I used to be nervous about changing my hair. However I’ve learned how fun the changes can be even if its little changes. (No I won’t be rocking hot pink color or a pixie cut anytime soon). But in the last year, I have had straight across bangs, a collar bone length lob, and now extensions! Which seem small but are big changes to me! Its hair people, nothings permanent!!! What I’m trying to get at, is if you have been considering hair extensions, or are considering them after reading this post. Now is the time!:)  Hair extensions can look as extreme or as subtle as you want them too. Whether you want a full head of extensions for length, or a few to add fullness, its even a way to add a pop of color! If you have any questions about “tape in” extensions, please put them in the comments below and I would be happy to help!:)

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Like mother like daughter

5 days until MOTHERS DAY!

Here are a few of my gift ideas to do for your mama right here in good ole Minnesota!

-Book her a massage or hair appt at Spalon Montage  {}

-Send her a bouquet of flowers from Spruce {}

-Bike ride on the Stonearch bridge and get lunch at Aster Cafe together

-Get her a gift certificate to Ever Eve {}

-Schedule a painting class for the two of you at Bottle and Bottega uptown

-Take her shopping at MOA to pick out something new of her choice at her favorite store

-Treat her to brunch at the Tavern on France (the Carmel rolls are a taste of heaven😋)

I hope this list helps you do something special for you mom! Of course I can’t share what I’ll be doing for my mom this Mother’s Day, because she’s probably reading this post as I speak! (Hi mom! Love you!)  Who runs the world?….MOMS!

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mothers day

{This banner is a free printable you can find on Pinterest}


May Day!

Happy May Day!!! Today will be a short post to share a few photos! In March I got to experience the trip of a lifetime! I went to Italy and stayed in Milan the fashion capital of the world! During my stay I got to eat at the famous Nobu restaurant at the ARMANI Hotel (our waiter served Leonardo DiCaprio the night before us, No big deal!) I also toured the ARMANI museum which had 4 floors of the most incredible pieces you could ever imagine. Red carpet suits, gowns and accessories from decades ago, to now. So amazing to see what changes within fashion and what stays the same. (Rompers have been around for ages, who knew!) ARMANI knows best, enough said.

Ps. Shout out to my besties Carly & Amanda for letting me visit and taking me to amazing places with my travel buddy Natalie:)

xoxo reed


may day 2 image2