Fall ’17 Vid!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my newest vid! This features the newest additons to my collection, all pieces chosen with Minnesota Fall/Winter in mind🍂❄️

{This video was done by Allie Rae Productions. She is so kind & I highly recommend any small biz owners or future bride & groom to check her out! I’m so happy with her work😻}


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Travel Diary lll

This travel diary is really just all my most recent getaways, tied into one. Let’s call this one the Summer 17 edition 😉 My “Travel Diaries” have nothing to do with my boutique really but that’s something that helps keep my small biz personal.

First, My mom and I went to California for a couples days! I’m so glad she could come with me! We checked into a boutique hotel in Beverly Hills. It was a hidden gem, literally…our uber driver wasn’t sure if he should actually drop us here bc he didn’t even think it was a hotel! But it was so cutely decorated inside & had amazing service. Not to mention they offer a glass of champagne when you first arrive. Whoop whoop! Over the next couple days there we relaxed by the pool….in jeans & sweaters…who knew cali would be colder then MN in the middle of May?! We also walked Rodeo drive, got Jimmy Kimmel tickets (but were too late so we didn’t see the show lol), went to Santa Monica pier & on our last day had brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel! (This is a little off topic, but the famous retro palm print that’s all over this hotel inspired my new apartment decor!) Cali was definitely a trip for the books.

Next, I also did a 2 road trips this summer that happened to fall on the same week. This meant A LOT of time in the car in a very short amount of time. I never used to think I like long car rides but now I’m like coming up with a list of a bunch of places I want to road trip too lol! First I drove to Lincoln, NE with my BFF Kristyn to visit our BFF Carly! We drove 14 hours total to spend less then 24 hours there but it was so worth it! We had a girls night & then went to a charming resturant for brunch, toured Carly’s s new work place & UNL before heading out. Then we drove back to Minneapolis & 24 hours later I was on the road again with my BFF Amanda to go to Madison! The highlight of going to Madison was defiantly going to Peter’s (from The Bachelorette) HIIT class. I also learned something about myself…I’m a lot faster & stronger when there’s someone as attrative as Peter in the same room😍. No I didn’t get a picture with him bc I was to nervous to ask, & yes now I’m totally regretting it.

The last trip of my summer was to Phoenix, AZ. My little sister was moving into college, so I came the day after she got there to surprise her! I’ve never been so AZ before but I feel like I’ll be there a lot over the next 4 years😉The weather was over 100 degrees everyday so if we weren’t in the pool, we were in the air conditioning! Lol I was back home from AZ for less then 2 days and I already booked a flight to go back at the end of September!

Summer in Minnesota feels like a vacation in itself, but I am very grateful to add to my travel diaries with these new experiences. Always say YES to adventures.

Xx Reed



Here is a full video recap from my #rmcstaycation event! Click below to view!  


Ps. Huge thanks to Greta Laush for the videography, & another thanks to all the vendors who were apart of this event, as well as all the girls in attendance! If you haven’t already, see my last post with all the details from the #rmcstaycation. So happy with the way it all turned out! Already brainstorming what the next event will be…until then 😚

Travel Diary ll

I’m currently sitting on the flight home from a week long girls trip to the charming & romantic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I’ve traveled to Cancun & Playa Del Carmen in the past which I loved! However, I have to say this part of Mexico is much different! If you have been, you know what I mean. We skipped the all inclusive hotel package as we wanted more of a cultural element on this trip. Most days consisted of relaxing by the pool or beach, eating too much chips & gauc, walking into town, going out to late dinners, & lots of tropical drinks of course! Whenever we asked what the speciality drinks were at restaurants, EVERY SINGLE waiter said “We make the best margaritas” LOL so I quickly became a fan of those which I used to not like. But I also had some really yummy mojitos and Pina coladas!

{Here I’m going to share a few of my favorite experiences.}

First being the beautiful hotel and restaurant Hacienda San Angel. The girls and I decided to do dinner at sunset on the rooftop here! We saw online that it looked cute and offered a delicious selection of food. We were more then impressed when we were greeted at the front door of this boutique style venue on a cobble stone street, tucked up into the mountains. We were escorted through the open air lobby, filled with plants, fountains, lit candles, vintage chandeliers, rose petals floating in the pools, & bohemian style decor. The food, drinks and service were top notch. And the mariachi band added a fun piece of entertainment. The photos we took don’t even do this place justice! Hacienda San Angel is definitely on my list to return too, this would be the absolute perfect venue for another girls or even couples trip! I would need to stay overnight at the hotel so I have more time to experience it! This is what I call a hidden gem~

Next, mid trip we decided to venture out for the day with no set plans! We ended up taking a longer taxi ride winding around the mountains to the small town of Boca. This was where we got on a somewhat sketchy “water taxi”. We took a short ride and decided to get off at the first small beach. This ended up being the best decision ever, especially with not having any plans going into the day. This beach also had a beautiful “tree house” restaurant, as well as a few open air villas you could rent! We were the only people here other then a few small groups of hikers that came through and stopped to hydrate. It felt like our own private Oasis! I’ve never been to a place like this before. After our yummy lunch and drinks we layed out and decided it was so amazing we wanted to stay for the rest of the day and dinner as well! The staff took such good care of us. We took afternoon naps on the day beds and hammocks in the shade, cooled off in the ocean, & toured the beautiful property trying to take it all in! This is what I call paradise~


{Fun facts}

~I tried fresh oysters for the first time…not sure how I feel about them! Lol

~I also tried snorkeling off a boat for the first time in a long time, which I thought I would be to scared to do! I did get my flippers on and jumped into to water but ended up being to nervous to actually put on my goggles to see what was under me. Lol

~ I’ve also never had so many massages in a week! One day, guys came around offering free neck massages at the pool! Another day a got a foot massage by a lady on the beach! And another day I got a full body massage at the hotel spa! No complaints here💁🏽

I love blogging in a diary style about vacations because it’s a way to look back and reflect as well as share experiences and recommendations! Thanks so much for reading~ Stay tuned for what’s next!

xx reed

ps. A lot of styles from my collection were worn throughout our vacation. New styles also coming soon, so be ready to shop!

First POP-UP Shop!

I’m pretty convinced that playing “store” and “cashier” when I was a kid, with my sisters and long time bff Carly TOTALLY prepped me for this past Sunday;) 

On Sunday, I hosted my FIRST EVER REAL LIFE shopping event. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I mean I definitely have a thing for party/event planning, I already have a online boutique, so I saw that as a opportunity & thought “WHY NOT HAVE A POP UP SHOP?!” When I set my mind to something I kind of just run with it. I picked a venue & a date only one and a half weeks out. That meant crunch time for throwing this all together. (Thank goodness for my family keeping up with me and my ideas and being the BEST! I couldn’t have done it with without them! Maybe I should start calling this Reed Marie + Family & Collection) LOL.

As for the actual event, I showcased new “never before seen” styles for my guests to get first dibs on, as well as a special sale on other styles! I did 2 giveaways which included a RM&C coffee mug & gift card! There was a simple but adorable snack bar drapped in fairy lights with with izzes, popcorn and other bites! I think that just added to the ambiance! My mom also found Miss Saras Cakery, which made logo cookies to give as a sweet treat to take home with each purchase! The Glow Lounge, was the perfect venue as it’s chic yet rustic. The wood floors, white walls, faux fireplace, & chandeliers were the perfect backdrop for my collection. To me, it’s all the little details that matter. If you attended this event, THANK YOU for being apart of it! If you didn’t, and would like be to part of the next one, subscribe to my newsletter to get the IN on things like this & MORE! I had the best time & I’m hoping to make this happen again at the end of spring, to summer-ize your wardrobes!

 Xx reed



Travel Diary

This post is basically a round trip ticket to my recent girls trip in Chicago. 

Day #1: This day also just happened to be my birthday! (Cheers to being 22!!!) Myself along with my sisters Ry & Keat started out early by heading to the airport at 3:15am for our red eye flight! I’ve never been so excited to be awake at that hour! Lol We got Chicago and checked into our hotel The Godfrey & headed downstairs to a yummy breakfast at Dolce! This is a restaurant at our hotel with such a cool vibe! They also have a rooftop lounge with glass ceilings that was beautiful!(I would highly recommend this hotel who wants a more boutique/personalized style stay!) Then it was time to walk to Michigan Ave & let the shopping begin! I treated myself to couple total statement pieces! A Ivory studded leather jacket, and emerald green booties….when in Chicago?!;) Then I set up surprise appts for us to get our hair done! Nothing better then someone else washing and styling your hair for vacay;) After that we got a couple appetizers for lunch & went back to the hotel for a much needed nap. We woke up to a bottle of champagne being delivered to the room & started getting ready for the night. It was my first time going to a comedy show, it was inappropriate, funny, but mostly inappropriate! Then Ry planned a surprise late  night birthday dinner for us at RPM Italian. This is Giuliana Rancic’s restaurant, it was gorgeous with top notch service! (Not even kidding the best customer service ever!) Plus, they brought out the most adorable mini ice cream cones with gelato for my bday! After such a go go go, amazing day it was time for some beauty rest!


Day #2: Nothing like a slumber party & waking up to breakfast in bed. We got ready for the day & did some more walking around, window shopping & went to millennium park to get the touristy pic with The Bean! Then on our walk back to the hotel, we stopped at Portillo’s to get Chicago Hot Dog’s. This is one of the things I was most excited about believe it or not! Later, we went to see the view at a bar on 70 floor of a building overlooking the city and lake! But of course on our last night we had to have some Chicago style pizza so we went to Lou Malnatis, we got so many recommendations to this place as it’s one of the last family owned pizzerias! We went to bed after dinner since we had to be awake at 6am the next day to head to the airport. This trip consisted of 4 of my fav things, family, food, shopping & sleeping! Lol Now back reality!


Did you feel like you basically came on the trip with me?;) “Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer” My mom sent me that quote the day I was booking this trip & I 110% think that is true. To me, life is about experience. That’s all for now, as I’m impatiently waiting for my next travels.

Xx Reed

My Guide to Packing

  • {Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I’m happy to have you here}

This post will focus on My Guide to Packing, in this case I’m specifically packing for a 2 night cold weather destination trip that I have coming up! 

I’m not sure if this “guide” is going to be more helpful to you, or me. Since I need to  pack for myself right now, that’s what inspired me to do this topic! Apparently I enjoy writing about what I should be doing, more then actually doing it. (Take note: Do as I say, not as I do) I find it funny I’m making this “guide” because those of you who know me know im such a procrastinator when it comes to packing! I always visualize in my head what i want to wear and I’m a planner in that sense but when it comes to actually packing it…EHH! I do enjoy packing the stuff I’m going to tell you about…but all the toiletries, basics, etc. Not so much! That’s why instead of making a long boring list every single thing you & I should pack…I’m  just going to pin point on the MUST pieces (in my opinion) if you want to be a fashionista without TOTALLY over packing;) Obviously you’ll have to adjust depending on where your traveling too but this is what I will be throwing (notice how I said throwing, not nicely folding;) in my suitcase!


  • Fur Or Leather Jacket (Take Note: I like wearing it through the airport because it’s comfy & that way it won’t take up your entire suitcase)
  • Cute Pjs
  • 1 Pair High Waisted Jeans 
  • 1 Pair of Leather or Velvet Leggings (Take Note: Wear these while your being touristy so your comfy but still cute)
  • Sneakers 
  • Heeled Booties
  • Slouchy Sweater Or 2
  • 1 Dress (Take Note: bring one fancier outfit for dinner just because!)
  • Travel size Orbie dry shampoo (Take Note: I’m a hairstylist so I had to throw this in the guide!)
  • Versatile accessories (Take Note: If your traveling with someone check to see what they are bringing so you can trade with each other and not have to pack it all. This goes for scarfs, hats, necklaces)
  • Blanket scarf (I’m just adding this while I’m sitting here at the airport, I put it in my carry on to use as a blanket on the plane but also a scarf once we get there! Takes up way less room!)


PS. Below I featured a few styles from my collection that I will be bringing along:) My next post will recap on where I traveled too and what I did, check back!

Xx reed

Chic Jogger

Winter Wonderland Shorts

In Your Dreams Cardi

Haute Cocoa Romper


If I tried to explain my “style” in one word, I couldn’t. Could you?

I think that’s what is amazing about clothes, each day you get to choose what look your going for. (Even if it’s one of those days where you don’t want to choose so you just wear baggy sweats & a old t-shirt, we all have those days too;)

That’s one unique thing about my collection, it’s a reflection of me. Yes, the trends will come and go like they do with a lot of stores. But what I’m offering you is what I’m looking for myself or have going on in my own life. Whether I’m more focused on festival styles, comfy pieces, outfits for going out, ect. The styles change as i change. My statement “I’m creating my dream wardrobe & sharing it with you” is a line I came up with before my business started, but as its growing you can see that statement happening within my collection. I think that’s what’s cool about a small business. It’s so personal!

Thanks for reading today’s little post! Have a fab week! I’ll end this with the qoute below, because I think it’s so true! image

Xx Reed

Boss Babes!

Quick Tips for being a Boss Babe:

  1. Wish for it work for it.
  2. Be nice, supportive, empowering to everyone.
  3. Do what you love, love what you do.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with some BOSS BABES last week. We intertwined our businesses into an amazing boutique & make up styled photo shoot! So naturally I’m going to share deets on these babes with you! Please check them out for any photo or make up needs;)

Whitley {Photographer}


“I believe life is about celebration and that’s just what this business of mine is all about – celebrating YOU. Simply put, I have a passion for people. When I put a camera in my hand, it’s what created my excitement for each coming day. The sunrise, the sunset, and the people in between. Outside of being a photographer, you can find me cuddled up with my sweet pup Lucy, hoarding HomeGoods items by the dozen, or driving aimlessly on the Minnesota dirt roads that root me! I’m a dreamer and believer that anything is possible.”


Anna {Make up Artist}


“I have always loved makeup, it wasn’t until I had so many friends and family members request me to do their makeup, when I decided to take the leap of faith and start my own freelance makeup business. I’m very passionate about making my clients feel beautiful by understanding the look they are going for, the face shape they have, the skin type they have, etc. I do makeup for all occasions, weddings to prom, to girls night out! I want to help everyone feel beautiful and bring their natural beauty out with makeup. I live in NE Minneapolis with my husband and our two dogs, (fur babies) and have an in home studio as well.”






Shop For A Cause!

Thanks for taking the time to see what, why and how you can help Shop for a Cause.

What: I have been thinking about donating a percent of my sales to a cause for a couple months. With the holidays getting closer, this is big time for shopping. As an online boutique owner I knew that if I wanted to give, this would be the best time of year to do it. I chose to donate 15% of my sales from December 1st-25th to a foundation that means a lot to me. The Mayo Clinic Melanoma Foundation.

Why: The reason i chose this foundation is to honor one of my best friends Rachel Ulrich. Rachel is a shining example of a strong, loving & hopeful girl. Rachel battled stage 4 Melanoma for over 2 years through out high school. We lost Rachel in April of 2012. Her case was used to create a new drug for Melanoma patients through Mayo Clinic Melanoma foundation. This foundation gave Rachel more months then was ever thought possible and continues to help find a cure for other Melanoma patients!

You can help support this foundation by shopping from my collection. Whether you treat yourself to something, or if you’re shopping for gifts for your Sister, Bff, Daughter or Girlfriend… 15% of all your purchases will be going to the Mayo Clinic Melanoma Foundation. This is the season of giving, why not Shop for a Cause. Please feel free to email me at with any questions at reedmarieandcollection@gmail.com Thanks!

XX reed